24 hour flight coordination center

Sometimes the only way to safely transport a patient is by air ambulance transportation.

Air ambulances are specially equipped aircraft designed for relocating patients from one facility to another with continuous medical monitoring to ensure their safety. 

With MD's, RN's, RT's, pediatric specialists, and critical care paramedics on staff, the medical flight service team is able to safely transport most patients, from hip replacements to multi-trauma medevac, vent dependent cases.

Event Med Air Ambulance offers medical transport services that are caring, compassionate and cost-effective. Our medical transport options are based on the patient's condition, the urgency of travel, and financial considerations. 

Whether domestic or international travel is required, our team of aero-medically trained professionals follows strict medical transport procedures and protocol, with the patient's well-being as our primary consideration.

Each plane we utilize is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art flying ICU and all details of the medical flight and ground transport are arranged and personally handled by our Patient Transport Specialists who are on call 24/7. Event Med Air Ambulance is your #1 choice for airambulance and medical transport. 

Contact Event Medical Solutions Air Ambulance to determine which transport option is best for you.


Event Medical Solutions utilizes the following crew configuration:

  • Registered Nurses 
  • “911 Experienced” Paramedics 
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists 
  • Board Certified Physicians 

All Medical Personnel are required a minimum of 4 year experience in either: 

  • Trauma 
  • Critical Care 
  • Intensive Care 
  • Emergency Medicine 

Continued Education

  • ACLS 
  • BTLS 
  • ATLS 
  • PALS 
  • Flight Physiology Medicine / Air Medical Core Curriculum 
  • Advanced Airway 
  • Quarterly Intubation Skills Lab 
  • Bi-Annual Mock Code Lab